Winter at La Maison du Chateau 

Back of house in winter time medium

Winter at La maison du Chateau has its own special magic. Frost on the park, the log fire blazing in the salon, decorated christamas tree over Christmas, the house a soft grey blending into the valley. The possibility of snow. As evening approaches the house glows out its warmth. Inside there is the elegance of the salon, the intimacy of the petit salon, and also the wonderful large studio room for children to play in if they want a big room out of the cold.Through the winter trees to the pigeonier medium


Drawing room in autumn small

The whole house is child friendly. Delphine is there to cook her delicious meals, for both parents and children, including a wonderful feast on Christmas day and anything special you might like to celebrate New Year's Eve.  With our new hard tennis court now finished you can enjoy a game of tennis in most weather as well as wonderful walks in the park and along the canal towpath in the clean frosty days, and exciting visits to the charming local towns. In addition you can book our local wine expert to either take you to tastings with excellent growers that one would never find for ones self or he will bring the wine to you for an in-house tasting.

This is deepest France, special in every season including the romance of winter.

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