Drawingroom evening Pool and Barn Close up of seating area Back of House to Park House and Pool Dramatic Light One Dramatic Light Two Window through leaves View from Bedroom 2 Avenue in the Evening Vine Yard 1 La Fosse Dionne 1 La Fosse Dionne 2 Painting of house in the evening light Seat Area at The Gate House Back view of The Gate House Front view of The Gate House View through gates to village Avenue in the Evening Light View of Church spire from House Drawingroom Window close up with roses Views around Cry A Views around Cry B Views around Cry C Setting sun through Avenue Seat in Grounds View to park A Hall towards stairs View through hidden door Upstairs Landing White Bedroom White bedroom mirror White bedroom mirror closeup Window orning Winter view of Park View to back garden Painting of House and Park Boat and River Park and Pigeonier Boating on the River Avenue and Park Bedroom Three Bedroom Three - second view Child Friendly Pool - Gated and Fenced Children Play, Adults relax! Child's play in the pool Delphine preparing an evening starter Diningroom Drawingroom in evening light Entering through Gates - view of the Park Evening Light around the Pool Evening Light in the park, looking towards the House Evening Light in the park Morning Light over Park Evening Light Fortified walls of Noyers Gate House - steps down to river Gate House - River Gate House - seating area in garden Gate House - through bedroom window Gate House - view up river Gate House - view through garden Gate House Hidden Wood Hut Looking down drive towards the Gate House Painting Holiday - painting in park Park including the Pigeonier Park Pathway down to the river Pebble beach at river Pebble beach to the island Petit Salon Picnic by river Pigionier - morning light Potager Pre-dinner drinks in Drawingroom River view Seating in back courtyard Seating in morning light View of Drawingroom Sheep grazing in the Park Painting Holiday - sketching on day out The Quarry Front of Manor House view two View down the street from the gates View from Barnrooms View from Bedroom 3 View from Barn steps Avenue through flowers Drawingroom view Front of Manor House view three View through avenue to church View of Manor House from Park Wander by the river in evening light Wild flowers in Park Wood hut in Park Arriving in winter View from park to house Winter dusk in the park Fast winter river Front of house in winter Sharp winters light on avenue Through the winter trees to the pigeonier Winter light through the avenue Back of house in winter time Winter sun on avenue Winter view through little window Roaring fire Autumn colours on the house Autumn mist over park Autumn walk down to the river Autumn window Avenue in autumn Evening light in autumn Evening light over park in Autumn Evening light over house Late summer, early autumn light Manor house in late September Park in Autumn Sun on leaves and window Autumn Gates Children enjoying the pool Fun out rowingq Easter time playing by river Playing in the River Playing tennis with Grandpa Beautiful Sky Beautiful views around the village Beautiful views of canal (1) Beautiful views of canal (2) Beautiful views of canal (3) Beautiful views of canal (4) Beautiful walks along canal (2) Beautiful walks along canal Dramatic sky Poplar lined river Reflection in the river Sheep and Lambs in Orchard Sun setting on local ruin Early Bird The ruined Chateau du Rochefort Sun Setting at Cry View from canal bridge in village View of river at Cry View around Cry Views down the river Window pair Wonderful walk to ruin chateau Bridge in Cry House in Autumn Light Autumn House Autumn Trees in Park Drawing room in autumn Autumn Vines Autumn view of Canal and Boat Gate House room 2 Gate House Bedroom 1 Sitting, kitchen area Gate House New Kitchen Gate House Sitting Area Gate House sitting and log burning stove area Gate House garden Gate House gate to river Gate House garden close up Garden river view View to Gate House Spring at La Maison du Chateau